Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Today is a great day my friends.

Hello loves! Gosh Today is great, but only really for my night but here goes the day..

I woke up at around 5:45 and made my way over to Ana's house to watch her kids until 1030isham. Ben was hilarious as always and very well behaved today. (I didn't mention Belly because shes ALWAYS a good girl)

Me: "Ben you got a haircut? It looks great!!"
Ben: "Yeah! I had to get it because my hair was dirty, nasty and had bugs in it"

Ana wash your son (hahaha im kidding)

After coming home from that I hung out with Licky all day and ate Mac and Cheese. (not all day i was just mentioning what we had lol) THEN Alley came along and we putted around and they told me all about their vaca. I was jealous of course, you can't just pick up and go on vacation with your friends when you have a baby...it just doesn't work that way. So then i showered after they left and got ready and went on my interview for Nannying.

I must say I really really like the family. I will be watching a 2 year old boy that is absolutely adorable. Just a few days a week and I have a feeling it is going to work out really good, he seems really mellow! The father is a cop in manchester and the mother works at AAA. All in all we just all got a long so well, It was like we knew each other already because all we were doing was joking around with each other and just had a good time on an interview, who wouldve thought that wouldve been possible? I can't wait, I start July 7th.

Enough about that, tomorrow I'm going to the beach! yayy! With Alicia and Alley, I should probably hang out with Jess this week because I feel bad I haven't hung out with her in a few days. I really like that Alicia always helps me with Taylor when she is around, she plays with him and always wants to hold him. She is very helpful.

Alright goodnight, I'll tell you how the beach goes. OH and by the way its going to be crappy weather other than tomorrow so enjoy it. I feel like we live in seattle lately!

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