Monday, June 23, 2008


This post is Dedicated to My big brother Martin! Happy Belated Birthday (only on my blog spot because i am not Rob, and i did call you on your day) I guess I should tell you a little bit about Martin since everyone that reads this probably doesn't know him...
Martin is the hardest worker besides Mom that i know. He is a great father and a spectacular Husband (or so I've heard..). He loves cars (in particular BMW's) and cooking. He tries to figure EVERYTHING out, he was taking toy cars apart and putting them back together by age 5. He can entertain himself, you give him something to do he will master it.
Martin and I are approx. 7 years apart whoa you say that's a lot you probably don't have a lot in common huh? WRONG, he is a kid at heart, he can get a long with a 3 year old as well as a 75 year old. He is the funnest guy I know and i love being around him!
Martin often tells me that he would always make sure that my zipper was up on my coat when i was little and it was cold outside, it was like he took care of me and i took care of him. While he would work on cars outside our long island home when we were younger, I would always make sure that he had something to snack on or something to drink. I would walk to 711 and get snacks for us. I think both him and Analia were the only ones that didn't think i was an annoying tag along.
Martin also has a funny sense of humor and a hilarious laugh. (he giggles) He laughs at his joke book in the bathroom and then calls me and tells me the jokes. One day when we all lived together he put saran wrap around the toilet before my sister went to the bathroom and she peed on herself. hahhaha He is always one to crack a joke or make a wise comment. He loves that part in Raising Helen where the little boy says "thats it! HIPPOS GOIN OUT THE WINDOW!" haha, because he is that little boy. lol
Martin is also very helpful, he is the first one to ask if anything needs fixing at moms house. He also helps everyone with their cars since he is an expert. When we found out i was pregnant he was the first one to help me find a car. He called and didn't give me grief or give me a problem just said to me " if your going to make this a habbit should i get you a mini van??" to which of course i replied "no!!" He bought all these things for the car and cleaned it all. He also fixed some things on it and when i came for my birthday and to pick it up he surprised me with it all. I remember Martin doing my math homework when I was young and helping me with projects, he once made this amazing kite that I'm sure my teacher doubted that i had anything to do with. He has always been the first one to defend me in our family squabbles, like literally fight with the rest of the family to defend me.
I think i could go on forever but i would probably bore everyone with my sappy sum it up i love my big brother and im grateful for all the things you do for me. i couldn't have asked for a better brother. Happy Birthday! I can't wait to come celebrate this weekend!


Scott, Analia, Ben & Isabelle said...

I don't think Martin knows how to leave a comment. This is such a cute post. I'll be waiting for something like this when my birthday comes rolling I'll be 29! You'll be 20 and I'll be 29....what a difference that doesn't seem very different when you get older. It was alot different when you where 1 and I was 10! Hey how many times did I say "different"?

Scott, Analia, Ben & Isabelle said...

Just for fun......"Y Martin ..NO ESATABA!!!!