Monday, June 30, 2008

So it's been a while....

Sorry I haven't blogged much, I have been busy. Last week I took Taylor to Milford Beach with my friends Alicia, Alley and Natalie. We had a great time and I was glad to be able to hang out with them a little bit. The next day I took care of my little new guy for the first time, i don't have to do watch him until next week because they are on vacation. It was great we did crafts, we ran around outside and baked a little. He is so well behaved!! I couldn't have asked for a better kid to watch to make it easy to watch him and Tay.

This weekend we went to NY for Martins Birthday and it was great. We bbq'ed, went swimming and just hang out as a family. I love going I always have such a great time. I drove both ways because I never like mom to drive because shes wicked tired from working all of the time and Scott had food poisoning so It was either me or Taylor,...I got chosen.

Taylor got so sick though! He has baddddd diarhea and vomiting I felt so bad for him, I have been cleaning up after him all day long. I left my car keys in my mothers car from driving to NY so i had no car and no way to get pedialite! So i called my sister the life saver and sure enough she brought me some from CVS. *Thank you I owe you

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