Saturday, June 14, 2008

My first post...

Hello y'all, Today is my first day on this thing and so far it seems pretty neat.
So Analia told me that I write just like I would in my journal, so here I go..

Today Scott, Taylor and I went to the South Windsor Strawberry & Craft festival, it was verrrrrry hot. We got taylors caracature done which looked absolutely nothing like him, i think i could've done a better job.(But we felt bad because nobody visited the artists "booth" the entire time we were there so we said what the hey poor guy). There was a crap load of jewelery (needless to say i wanted it all) and other neat things. What else?... i went to the mall during the crazy storm and I think i stayed like 20 minutes because I carried Taylor the whole time and it was packed and annoying. Then when i got home i gave tay din din and then sleep he went....or so i thought until my brother Rob came to visit with his baby and they woke Taylor up.. bah. Scott got home a little later and stayed while i went to Target. Target is my favorite store EVER, i wish i couldve stayed longer but Taylor gets cranky at night if im not around so i grabbed what i needed and on i went...

I'll write more later i guess.

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