Friday, June 20, 2008

Fridays are always blahh for me

Last Night Taylor Fell asleep on me like this, It was so funny!
So today, Lets see...Last night Taylor slept pretty good, he woke up once! He cuddled with Scott all night because we have been sleeping in the guestbed due to some flooding in the basement type thing. This morning he woke up around 8ish, had the usual breakfast and then my friend Jess came over so that i could straighten her hair for her sisters graduation and just because she is curly sue and needed some straightening. She ended up looking gorgeous!! I love my straightener, it does wonders. Anyhoo, then we had a quick Dr's appt. and then went to Analias house. Today was our day to make jam, well we farted around on the computer for a little and then Ana left with Scott to do something important so I watched the kids. I have to admit, Ana has a LOT of patience, it must be so incredibly hard to raise a 3 year old. (I am glad to wait) Ben was actually really really good today though, I have to admit I did a lot of bribing haha. What else what else, After Ana got home we made jam and when ben woke up from his name he was a bit cranky... these were some of the quotes hahhaah....
Ben: "My toy is broken mom!!!!!!"
Frustrated Analia: " We have to fix it then Ben, Let me see"
Ben: : "No! Its not broken mom!"
Frustrated Analia: "Yes Ben thats enough, thats what we get for buying it from the 99 cent store if we had bought it from toys r us for 25 dollars it would be working right now and not broken by the first afternoon we bought it!"
Ben: "NO ITS NOT BROKEN MOM! (crying.)
Frustrated Analia: "Yes Ben! Look its made in China! Thats why its broken everything breaks thats from china!"
Ben: " Yeah It's made in china! Its broken!"

It was the funniest conversation , I'ms ure i left something out, I was almost crying.......

Ben after i bribed him....and threatened to take away his chinese toy hahaha

Taylor and Belly playing, they love playing with each other!
And the favorite Niece...
Happy Friday Everyone! P.s. the other sister made a blogspot..check her out!

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Scott, Analia, Ben & Isabelle said...

Bragging HUH? I know sometimes you need to. Thanks for taking greaat care of my little ones. The Jam is also delicious! The pictures you took are really cute! Love ya!