Monday, June 16, 2008

Good Morning

I've noticed that people don't really write in their blogs about everyday, so i guess i will be just about the only one . I think it's really because I'm going to treat this as a journal and ignore that people are going to read it also and then print out the copies to make a book of life after baby. Today Taylor slept until 9:30!!! I was loving it and hoping it would last forever but darn diaper had to leak and cause him to be uncomfortable! (I haven't slept through the whole night since i was about 7 months pregnant..i wake up frequently to feed this little boy) I took some pictures today..I just love his smile! (well and everything else that comes along with him) Well today is Taylor's 8Th month being alive and it is so incredible how time has flew by...4 more months and he will be 1! ..but he will remain my baby until another one comes along which will not be for a very very long time! Last week Taylor and I went to my sister Cecilia's house with my brothers fiance Monica and Matthew (their son) for 3 days and 2 nights and we had such a blast! We spent our days at the beach, and or Cecilia's pool with the babes. Taylor enjoyed the beach but the other babies didn't, i think his favorite part was eating the sand though i served him a cookie and he thought he would add the touch of sand. Dad went with us which was nice because I want him to be in Taylor's life as much as possible, just because things didn't work out for him being dad shouldn't mean that he can't be the best grandfather. I love going to NY except for the drive and that Scott was stuck working which always feels guilty when I'm having a good time. (he assures me that it is my job to have fun with Taylor and enjoy him and that i shouldn't feel guilty) Another really bad part about traveling is that he is so out of his routine that he thinks that when 7pm rolls around that it is NOT bedtime but it is indeed time to play. So this weekend coming up is my big brother Martins birthday, so another trip to NY is in order. (Mom, Scott, Rob and Monica are also coming, ...Scott and Ana? are you coming??) I love visiting the new yorkers though but it is not a time to relax as most vacations are, actually its quite hectic with so many kids around and might i ad VERY loud. I feel like I'm rambling but Taylor is sleeping so I am trying to get as much in as possible.
I just remembered that we had a doctors appointment for him this morning, I called last week and told them that I believe that Taylor has selective hearing (just like most boys) or something going on because I feel like he hears me but ignores me so they insisted on bringing him to make sure that he has no liquid in his ears. (his grandmother is deaf so sometimes i worry) Dr. Bush is so good to get him in , he is my favorite doctor ever and if he could take me i would so be his patient.

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Scott, Analia, Ben & Isabelle said...

SO I think your BLog is so cute! My nephew is adorable!!! Keep blogging! Love you guys!