Monday, June 23, 2008


Howdy darlings
Another busy weekend passed..
Sunday=family festitivites.
Sunday we went to Scotts Dad's house for Scott's stepsisters graduation party (from middleschool). He lives in Burlington so it is quite a hike everytime. Scott's Stepmom and Dad bought Taylor something before he was born..they gave it to him yesterday even though they wanted to save it for his first birthday.. check it out

Pretty Neat huh? I wish they made it in my size, it lights up and vibrates like its taking off! So what else I have an interview on Wednesday Night to watch a little boy in South Windsor and I am stoked! I hope that i get it it would be fun and give me some extra cash. Wish me luck

As always heres some pictures of my cutie patooty..

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Scott, Analia, Ben & Isabelle said...

Que linda foto. Ya la copie y la puse con mis fotos en mi computadora.