Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Eating my fruits and veggies..

Today was actually quite boring, Tay and I woke up very early after a long night of whining and tossing and turning...I think it was gas. Scott got our early today too so we hung out with him and took a family nap lol..it was much needed. Taylor did a lot of walking in the walker and smiling like always. I wish i had more creative ideas of what i should do with him during the day...any ideas anyone? (assuming anyones even reading this other than ana lol) I got pretty hooked on Digital scrapbooking today now I want to print some things out. Around 4ish when we woke up from our naps Scott took Taylor to see his grandmother (scotts mother Dee) and I took a nice long shower without any babies crying or any questions on how to do anything (scott) and then i was off to my moms job to pick up a check and then to pick her Jenny Craig food up. If only I could be on that, I definately need to do something but it is really expensive. *(grr) After that I went to pick my wallet up at Alleys house but nobody was home so that was sucky too. So home I am after we went to stop n shop real quick to get some healthy fruits and veggies because I am going to go on a vegetable and fruit diet for a week before I start eating healthy because I read online thats what your supposed to do first i guess. I wish i was my old size again, it makes me so depressed to look in the mirror and think i could have prevented it by not eating so much during my pregnancy. People say " you are eating for two" but its really not meant to be literally lol. I found out the hard way. Tomorrow morning I am setting my alarm for 5 to go running before the day without Taylor in the jogger because I think i'll run further. Lets cross our fingers that something works.. I have been looking at pictures on my computer to remind me how skinny I was ...i hope that i will get so depressed that i will change hahah.welll.... Wish me luck and any suggestions would be appreciated!

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april said...

wahoo, you're blogging!! your baby is sooo adorable! great pics and good luck with fruit, veggie thing and exercise. i keep saying that i'm going to start that soon. i have been eating slightly better, but need to exercise. hopefully you'll inspire me.