Thursday, June 19, 2008


Hola! I was a slacker and didn't write anything yesterday but in my defense I was EXHAUSTED from waking up at 5 am to go running...WOAH 5? you ask, correct you read it right. I have been excellent in my eating selections the last 2 days and I am going to go running tonight instead of at 5 am this morning because that kills me to say the least. Yesterday I took Analia up on her offer to go Strawberry picking and it was great! Everyone else was so much better at it but I got delicious strawberries that scott is raving about, and even bragging at work. Taylor and Belly were sitting together eating the grass. After I was done being a farmer I came home and took a well needed nap with my little tot here and after we woke up I met a friend at the park to swing ont he swings, i stayed for like literally 10 minutes because I didnt' want to miss Scott when he came home...So I went home and we ate a healthy healthy dinner together.

Today- Today i was very lazy, I was supposed to go make jam with ana but i totally slept as much as i could with Taylor because we had a ROUGH night last night and the whole 5 am fiasco. Later on my friend kept texting me and begging me to go do errands with her and her baby so I did and then we went to the park and scott met us there. Taylor loves the swing! Thennnn we went to Old Navy to look for something for her baby to wear to her sisters graduation tomorrow. I really like hanging out with Jess because shes my age and I always wanted a friend that i can relate to so bad, and finally i found her! sounds so corny lol. Here are some other pictures of my little munchkin...He has been so out of his routine and i dont know how to put him back into it, its terrible!


april said...

5 am!! impressive! good for you for eating well too.

glad you found a friend you can relate too; it is nice and eventually the kids will be playing together too.

oh, and i hate when my kids get off schedule too. i have to try and get my little guy (now 2yrs) back on track too - and i think he's been off schedule for a month now!

Emily Elizabeth said...

you guys look like you had a great time together!!!