Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Dresser Check!

I feel great to say that I finished a project. I am usually one to quit very easily. I'm done with the dresser!!!! Here are the photos. 



I primed the wood about 2 coats, then I painted about 3 coats of white paint. Then I thought about it for a few days and decided it would look even better if i distressed the wood with a sander that my great great great mother gave to me for my projects. I think it looks decent, considering the workspace and the lack of time with two small children. 

I don't even think its the dresser that gets me excited, its the fact that I actually finished something and that I can move on to the next project my side table lamp. And that this dresser was FREE from Freecycle, that the paint was already at my house so it was free and the knobs look cute on the dresser so I paid absolutely nothing for it. Now thats a deal! 

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