Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Busy Me

I've realized today that I have put myself completely on the back burner. Ever since I've had this urge to renovate, my legs look like my brothers', my hair has been in a bun permanently, I have been wearing my husbands t shirts,  my makeup bag hasn't been open in days ,and my blonde streaks look like they belong to trailer trash. What has come over me!? I have always been one to pay close attention to my appearance, however, who the heck has time for that when they are trying to turn into a Martha Stewart?!?

I read a blog today that was a lamp bottom/frame turned into a side table. So what do you think I did? I hopped right into my car, drove to the Salvation Army in Manchester, and found the exact ones I saw in the pictures (somehow? ) and it costed me- ready for this? .99 EACH. Then I headed over to Lowes where I bought some turquoise spray paint and.....well I'll get back to you when it's not raining out there and my kiddies don't have to breathe in the fumes. 

On another note, I have primed 2 coats on my freecycle dresser for Cara's room. Hoping to get it painted by tomorrow and get new knobs.  I am totally excited about my new projects! But the only damper is that the Goodwill has its Target day tomorrow, who has time for all of this WHILE running the household, taking care of children, and cooking!? I will post some pics lata. 


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