Friday, August 17, 2012

Busy Body

Today was the busiest day in my entire life. 
Alicia's text message threatening me to get out of bed woke me up at 5:15am where I stumbled into my car and drove to spin class. Greeted by my out of control tae bo on drugs instructor where I started my day off. Teeth were brushed, I got the children dressed,  Washed and put  sheets on beds and breakfast was served. I rushed to Ana's house all the way in the boonies and dropped my children off, and had a computer 101 crash course/let's chit chat about work with Dr. McCabe. After that went over by about 30-40 minutes, I rushed to Anas house where we got all of the children in the car and drove to Ellington where I purchased a new (used) dining room table off of craigslist. (Mine is way too futuristic lol) Dropped it off in Windsor then Ana had to leave immediately to go to work and I had to rush to Debras house to let her dogs out. 

Does this NOT exhaust you!?!?! After putting the table together, I moved my old table in the basement where I made myself a working area.

 So I do want to thank my dear sister who helped me with my crazy kids, driving all over connecticut and of course being supportive while i'm going through my super domestic phase. (and listens to my millions of "projects" while I listen to hers)

Here's a pic of my cute table. It is mandatory to bring me flowers if you come to my house and you own a flower bush. ESPECIALLY Hydrangeas since they are my favorite. These were Ana's ticket into my house. 

$40.00? Not bad! 

I'll write some more later, I have to go make a homemade Pizza since PIZZA makes Fridays even better than they already are. Have a great night everyone!


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Analia and Co. said...

Very nice! Good job on all of your projects! Love you.