Friday, May 14, 2010


Sometimes I get so sad...

When I moved, I gave my dog away. And it makes me sooo sad. I miss him terribly. I have not seen him since November 2009.

I have no idea what has happend because his new owner won't send me any pictures (as was promised), hasn't registered him with her town, (as also was promsied) claims she moved far away and her camera is broken, ....In reality I'm sure that she sold him. (she told me i could come visit him whenever I wanted! Until i asked her...then she made up excuses)

I have dreams about him constantly. I Wish I could find out how he is doing, what he is doing. I imagine this is a glimpse of what people go through when they put their children up for adoption.

I was stuck between a rock and a hardplace though, mom didn't want to keep him (she already had a big dog to take care of with no time) and I wasn't allowed to bring him to our new place. Now I get people that say "I would've taken him!". But you see...Prince was not the best dog. To me he was becuase I loved him so much BUT he was not house trained and he had a serious anxiety/barking problem.

I want him back so bad. I know it is not possible but I do. I am so regretful. This subject is so touchy for me..

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Analia and Co. said...

This is sad. But you did the right thing.