Monday, July 21, 2008

I've been quite the loser for not writing...

Me and My Babbyyyyy


Tator And I!

Mike and Joey!

Martin and William dont they look so much alike?

After going to Risleys to go swimming and fishing with the whole fam. We had a great time especially with Joey in the Water.

Texas roadhouse is the PERFECT place to bring a birthday boy if you want to embarass the crap out of him. hehe

Rob acting challeged....(he has little (or should i say big?) matthew but he wasn't there)
Scott, me and Taylor..tell me that is not the cutest face ever...

My sister Cecilia her baby in her belly, Her husband Mike and my nephew Joey!

My big brother Martin and his wife Crystal and Nephew William (youngest of the cousins)

Scott and I
Hello! I know I know it's been a while and I have done exactly what I didn't want to do which is SLACK off on this thing. It's been busy though my mom left to Argentina about a week ago so I have been holding down the fort so to speak. She will be back this saturday and I am wicked excited because I have missed her dearly. (i guess nobody cut the umbillical cord...) Anyways I've been busy really ..i've hung out with my friends literally every single day this weekend.
Alright...other then scotts birthday, enjoying my days, having fun and hanging with has been just (im on the phone with crystal so nothing im saying seems to make sense,...i cant multitask.) Alright well im off byeeee


Scott, Analia, Ben & Isabelle said...

Those are some good looking people! They must be related to me?

april said...

love all the pics!! ok, slacker, now you need to get back to blogging. taylor must look older by now. (oh, and not trying to make you feel guilty here; i take lots of blogging breaks myself. just letting you know we'd love an update).

Analia and Co. said...

I think since it is COLD out now and your last pics show people in T-shirts.....we deserve some updates!!